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Founded as a private independent company in 1979, FlagCraft International (Pty) Limited has grown into Africa’s leading manufacturer and exporter of flags and related products. We pay exceptional attention to detail. Quality, reliability and on time delivery are the foundations on which the company has been built. Our subscription membership to the Massachusetts, USA based Flag Research Centre, keeps us up to date with flag specifications and changes around the world.

All production inputs are of the highest quality. Our fabric is 100% polyester, being the best fibre to resist the climatic extremes present in continental and oceanic Africa. The weave of our flag textile complies with the referring specifications of the South African Bureau of Standards, the British Ministry of Defense and NATO. The make-up of our flags is to the very best international standard. We print only with dispersed dyes of the highest wash and light fastness, which are sourced exclusively from the leading German and Swiss manufacturers.

We strive for excellence to be our norm.

Our worldwide clientele includes heads of state, governments, armed forces, companies, organisations, political parties and NGO’s. We provide computer based design, manufacture and a free flag protocol advisory service. In many cases we have written the actual manufacturing specification for countries flags, where these were lacking or required updating.

Since 1983, when the company was acquired by the present management, we have followed a strict policy of using only environmentally compatible production inputs and processes.

FlagCraft is a founder member of the Southern African Vexillogical Association and a member of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are an equal opportunity employer and vigorously support competitive and ethical business practices