19. DIGITAL PRINTING continued

First in Digital Printing

Printing is achieved in high resolution, with exceptional colour brilliance levels, not previously available. Furthermore, on account of the greatly reduced set up time compared with silk screening, small quantity production runs of complex or unique images can now be cost effectively and timeously offered to our clientele.

To optimise your investment in our PVC or Vinyl products, they should be stored in cool conditions, loosely rolled or folded. If prolonged storage is contemplated, we recommend the addition of a light dusting of talcum powder, which can be wiped or washed off prior to re-use. Alternatively, an application of any neutral coloured silicon based floor polish, prior to storage, would be satisfactory.

Our turnaround time from order to delivery is dependant on the supply of a computer image formatted as specified. After that, just leave the job with confidence to our dedicated team of support staff. We work to your requirement.