10. OUTDOOR FLAG POLES continued

First in Outdoor Flag Poles

Mild steel flag poles, which are either electro or hot dip galvanised and then powder coated, are the most popular choice for installations at offices, hotels, government departments etc.

Stainless steel flag poles are more expensive than mild steel but have the advantage of no maintenance and a high prestige image. These flag poles are used at important venues such as embassies, five star hotels and high profile commercial and governmental offices.

Fibre glass flag poles, colour impregnated and maintenance free have universal application. They are commonly used at coastal locations, which are subject to corrosive, saline atmospheric conditions.

Aluminium flag poles are predominantly for budget orientated installations where functionality is the key. However, on account of atmospheric pollution causing the aluminium to corrode, the resultant black aluminium oxide becomes fixed into the textile of a flag through abrading against the flag pole.

Sun Square Hotel, Monte Casino Complex, South Africa. Angled flag poles fitted with FlagCraft designed
and manufactured restrainer arms to prevent the flags wrapping themselves around the flag poles.