First in Outdoor Flag Poles
Holiday Inn Sandton, South Africa, with FlagCraft manufactured international and corporate 120 x 180cm Standard Flags and 9m hinged based flag poles

This discolouration cannot be successfully removed by cleaning, hence the visual life of the product is greatly reduced, necessitating premature flag replacement. It is essential that aluminium is either anodised or powder coated. Aluminium flag poles should not be considered to be maintenance free. If zero maintenance is a criteria, then either stainless steel or fibre glass flag poles are the best solution.

FlagCraft flag poles come complete with all fittings including galvanised or stainless steel foundation cages.

Installation is either by the customer following our simple procedural instructions, or alternatively, one of our highly professional installation crews may be retained at an additional charge. Our flag poles are available with either an internal or external halyard mechanism. Internal halyard flag poles are more expensive but have the compensating advantage of making the installation virtually theft proof, as the rope is housed inside the flag pole. Furthermore, the internal halyard eliminates the noise of rope wind slap and as a result of the rope being protected from the sun, routine maintenance is greatly reduced.

All flag poles over 6m in height come complete with aesthetically pleasing low profile under-hinge base plates, which facilitates the lowering and raising of the flag pole.

For ease of transport, our flag poles come in component lengths of a maximum 6m, for on site, no tools required, friction fitting, to make up the final length of the flag pole.