First in Flag Extenders

Photo shot during zero wind conditions depicting a conventional unsupported flag size 400 x 140cm next to a flag fitted with a Flag Extender.

FlagCraft International has recently secured the Africa distribution rights for Flag Extender, an internationally patented device that fits into a series of sleeves at the top of a flag, which results in the flag being fully deployed, even when there is no wind. The adjacent photo, shot during zero wind conditions, shows a flag fitted with a Flag Extender next to a conventional unsupported flag.

Until the advent of the Flag Extender, the only way to consistently present a fully deployed flag was to acquire a rotating head flag pole, the disadvantages of which are as follows.

1. Cost. Additional costs are incurred, associated with the expense of manufacturing a heavier duty flag pole and the dual sealed bearing rotating head mechanism.

2. Difficulty. The only way to change the flag on a rotating head flag pole is to remove the foundation nuts and lower the entire flag pole. This is a time and effort consuming process, which requires at least four staff for a 9m flag pole and up to six staff for a 12m flag pole.

Accordingly, in storm prone locations, where it is preferable to remove the flag during inclement weather conditions, such a procedure on a rotating head flagpole becomes impractical, resulting in significantly diminished flag life.

No modifications are needed to a conventional flag pole to allow the use of a Flag Extender fitted flag and only the addition of cleats and a pulley and rope fitted flag pole cap, are required to convert a rotating head flag pole to a conventional flag pole. A conversion kit is available.